Project Coral ‘babies’ to help restore Florida reefs

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How to Restore a Damaged coral reef: undersea vacuums, Power Washers, and Winter Storms JUNE 3, 2014 — After a ship runs aground on a coral reef, the ocean bottom becomes a messy place: thickly carpeted with a layer of pulverized coral several feet deep.

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The Horniman Museum and gardens’ pioneering coral reproduction work, Project Coral (as seen on BBC One’s Blue Planet UK, yesterday), has this week taken a step closer to having real-world benefit for coral reef conservation, thanks to international partner The Florida Aquarium.

Trained scuba divers are given special permission to work on the reefs. These divers transplant the new pieces of coral by using cement or epoxy putty. The goal is to restore the coral reef to allow the natural inhabitants a chance to thrive. Scientists have found that the corals grown in the nurseries are able to reproduce in their new homes.

The researchers, who work out of Tampa Bay, Florida, have been working on "Project Coral" to help repopulate the Florida Reef Tract. If this latest news is any indication, they may be on track to help rebuild America’s Barrier Reef – the third biggest coral reef in the world.

The Reef Resilience network coral reef restoration online Course provides a guided process for planning and designing a coral reef restoration program, from setting objectives through determining on-the-ground restoration actions (see Lesson 1: Introduction to Restoration and Project Planning).

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Similar to a coral reef, the oysters will provide. of ways the community can get involved in this project through jobs in the reef’s construction or getting their hands dirty to help with rearing.

Jamie Craggs, Aquarium Curator at the Horniman Museum Gardens and lead researcher for Project Coral, says: "Thanks to The Florida Aquarium, we’re now at the point where our work will begin to make a tangible difference to coral reef restoration, and it’s incredibly exciting that Project Coral ‘babies’ will be added to Florida’s wild reefs in 2020."

Dive Programs are organized by a group who arrange the charter. The cost involves the price per diver as charged by the dive operator, as well as $50 per diver, per day that comes to the Coral Restoration Foundation. There is a discounted price for student groups of $35 per diver, per day.