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394 Firebreak -VA-O&M Plan 1) Temporary Disked/Plowed Fire breaks A. Create the firebreak by disking or plowing. Expose mineral soil with fire line plows, heavy bush and bog disks, or farm plows and disks or blades depending upon the terrain and character of vegetation to be removed immediately prior to the burn. The

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firebreak needed will be determined by fuel load, fuel type, topography, and weather conditions for each burn unit. Natural Firebreaks Most natural barriers such as bluffs, creeks, streams, rivers, and lakes make good firebreaks. Make sure the barrier being used as a firebreak is wide enough so the fire cannot burn across.

A vegetative firebreak is a management practice that is designed to create a fuel break between the grassed area and the homesite. This firebreak is different from the traditional bare ground firebreak in that herbaceous and woody vegetation are used to break up the flammable fuels. By using a combination of short grasses and less

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Other fireblock foams are available, but they merely meet minimum testing standards. Touch ‘n Foam Fire Break is a flame-resistant all-purpose, Class A fire-retardant foam sealant that exceeds testing standards. Fire Break is self-extinguishing and works by eliminating oxygen flow in service penetrations, where fire spreads most quickly.