CoreLogic Reports Mortgage Fraud is on the Increase

Apartment buyers who didn’t heed those warnings now make up a significant portion of the 22 per cent of apartments being sold.

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 · The CoreLogic Mortgage Fraud Report analyzes the collective level of loan application fraud risk experienced in the mortgage industry each quarter. CoreLogic develops the index based on residential mortgage loan applications processed by CoreLogic LoanSafe Fraud Manager, a predictive scoring technology. The report includes detailed data for six fraud type indicators that complement the.

As Mortgage Rates Rise, So Does Mortgage Fraud. In a statement accompanying the report, CoreLogic Fraud Solution Strategy Principal.

CoreLogic’s Mortgage Application Fraud Type indexes include six components. Of them, only undisclosed mortgage debt risk showed an increase, 1.7 percent. The largest year-over-year decline was.

Mortgage Fraud Brief: Q3 2019. The CoreLogic Mortgage Fraud Brief analyzes the metro areas with the highest mortgage fraud risk on a quarterly basis, and offers quarterly mortgage fraud insights based on analysis of trends found in residential mortgage loan applications processed by LoanSafe Fraud Manager.

 · As of the end of the second quarter of 2015, CoreLogic reports an 8.9% year-over-year decrease in fraud risk, as measured by the Mortgage Application fraud risk index. For the twelve months ending.

That type of fraud is increasing as the lending market shifts from. fraud'' than those planning to refinance an existing one, CoreLogic says.

The report shows an 11.4% year-over-year decrease in fraud risk at the end of the second quarter, as measured by the CoreLogic Mortgage Application Fraud Risk Index, which is the first decrease.

Despite the long-term growth in real estate values, shorter term economic and. and retention, detect and prevent fraud, improve mortgage.

Jumbo refinances led the way as mortgage fraud risk posted another gain in the second quarter of 2017. CoreLogic reports that overall risk. mortgages predominate is a key factor in the national.

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CoreLogic , a global property information, analytics and data-enabled solutions provider, today released its latest Mortgage Fraud Report. The report shows a 12.4 percent year-over-year increase in fraud risk at the end of the second quarter, as measured by the CoreLogic Mortgage Application Fraud Risk Index.

There was a significant increase in mortgage fraud risk at the end of the second quarter of 2018, according to Corelogic’s latest Mortgage Application Fraud Risk Index. CoreLogic’s Principal.